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Vauxhall F13 SCCR gearbox with LSD

Vauxhall F13 SCCR gearbox with LSDNO IMAGE
Category: Rally Car Parts » Gearbox & Transmission
Condition: Used
Price: 1000
Location: England » Essex
Contact: RoyG


F13 hydraulic clutch gearbox casing, Quaife synchro SCCR cluster, with 4.54 final drive & ZF 40% plate LSD with F20 side gears.

The gear kit was bought new in 2010 & did 1 season of BTRDA in a 1400L Corsa. It then had a year off as I went back to Rally First. After that it was fitted in a 1.8 Corsa-C, only doing 15 rallies since 2012, total <1200 stage miles.

The diff was second-hand, rebuilt in 2010 before it went in the car and rebuilt again at the beginning of 2015, since when it's done <200 stage miles.

I've finally retired after nearly 40 years of competition and the car has been broken - sadly worth more in bits than as a whole!

So 700 for the cluster, 400 for the LSD, 1000 for the whole box.

PM me or email me on [email protected] if interested.
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